To Build in Public or Not To Build in Public?

1st Quarter Refresh

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I don’t know about you, but I live in a world where people advertise the benefits of “building in public”. At least some of the no coders I follow announce their latest ideas and post their work as they go. KP on Twitter says, “building in public is a double win. ‘Building’ turns you into a doer ‘in public’ makes you practice storytelling and sales.”

I think this is great but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes the only way to get started to to cut out the noise. To silence any lingering doubt and go for it. Too much feedback in the beginning of a project can cause “analysis paralysis”, where you become so overwhelmed with information you can’t move. You can still be a “doer in a world of talkers” even if you don’t immediately share it.

There’s so much pressure to be perfect online. Even in your imperfections. There’s pressure to watch what you say in case you offend the wrong people and get cancelled or purged. There’s risk that your employer might not like what you’re working on on the side. It’s a scary place out there!

So, today’s assignment is to start. Take one step towards putting that idea of yours into action.

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Today’s Assignment: Start your project!

You know that idea you have lingering in the back of your mind? The one you’re too scared to tell anyone about because they might think it’s stupid. Or you might think no one actually likes it. Believe me, I have lots of projects like that. So many of these blog posts I published with trepidation. But each post I published gave me more confidence. Made me a better writer. And occasionally, someone posts a comment that makes my day.

Go ahead, put that idea into motion. You don’t have to tell anyone about it right now. I’m excited for you to start on it and see it when you’re ready to share. I’m sure it’ll be great – and even if it isn’t, hopefully you’ll have the confidence to keep creating.


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