Sneak Peek of Markertown: An Augmented Reality Children’s Book about Kindness.

One things I love about augmented reality is the creativity it inspires in people. One of those people is my friend, Amanda Fox. She is Kickstarting her second AR-enabled kids book. She was nice enough to give me a sneak peek.

The book is called Markertown. It’s about a glitter marker who loses her cap. “She searches for it frantically knowing she will dry out if it isn’t found soon. Just When all hope seems lost, she discovers friendship and acceptance in the unlikeliest of places.” Amanda said on Kickstarter.  

Image via Amanda Fox, Markertown

On her Kickstarter, Amanda says she got inspired to write the book by one of life’s little frustrations – kids leaving caps off the markers. As a mom to a toddler myself, I can attest to the challenge of keeping markers from drying out! Mismatched caps to markers are still a win in my book.

Amanda takes that inspiration and turns it into a wonderful rhyming meter about a glitter pen who lost her cap after a long day of drawing. Gold Glitter goes from despair to hope as she finds out who her friends are and overcomes her lost glitter cap.

Image via Amanda Fox, Markertown

Books in Augmented Reality

“In Markertown literacy and creativity go hand-in-hand and reading becomes an experience.” Said Amanda in her Kickstarter video. One of the cool things about Markertown is that it’s enhanced with augmented reality. Amanda invites her readers to become AR-tists by coloring in the book to literally pop the characters off the page. Amanda worked with QuiverVision to bring the characters in her book to life. Amanda told me, “This is the beginning of a long relationship with quiver and there is a lot more to come!”

I for one, can’t wait.

I backed Markertown on Kickstarter. I hope you will too.

At the time of this post, Amanda needs $1,215 to make Markertown a reality. Amanda is in the final stages of editing and getting Markertown ready for the printer. The campaign closes in 3 days!

Update: Congratulations! Markertown got funded with a total backing of $5110. Thanks for your help if you contributed!

If you love children’s stories or augmented reality, please consider backing this project.


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