Blogging Goals in 2022

I started Lilyotron as a place to write about technology. It is where I could go to showcase my expertise. Here, I discuss the effects of technology on society. I share apps and devices I think are cool.

This past year, I dropped the ball. I published only 30 posts this year and three were guest posts (I published 62 posts in 2020).

I still love to write. This blog helped me reach my goal – to be paid to write about technology. Because of Lilyotron, I’m able to write about all the things I enjoy and earn money from it.

That leads me to goal setting for 2022. I’m not ready for Lilyotron to become another dead blog.

2022 Blogging Goals

  1. Reader engagement
  2. Guest posts
  3. Connect with other bloggers

Reader Engagement

I want to increase the number of likes, comments, and claps (on posts that have them). I want Lilyotron to be one of those blogs that feels like a community. A community of people excited about the future who also may have concerns about how it’s happening. (Meta owning the metaverse? No thanks).

Guest Posts

Part of turning Lilyotron into a community means encouraging guests to write on Lilyotron! I want to give other people the opportunity to build their list of published work.

Connect with Other Bloggers

On my end, I want to do better commenting and liking the posts of bloggers I met on WordPress over the years. I know nothing makes my day like receiving a meaningful comment on a post and I want to spread that cheer for others.


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