Hype or gripe? The Gray Man enters the metaverse.

Imagine: you’re inside your favorite movie. The star, Ryan Gosling, has a quest just for you. Find the clues, break the code, and save the day.

You enter the maze… or at least try to.

You barely navigate around the first corner of the maze. Your computer freezes. You give up.

That was my experience with The Gray Man in Decentraland. It wasn’t only me. Brielle Garcia also experienced the glitches of the game.

“The controls are awful,” Garcia wrote on Linkedin. “The camera flips around constantly making the already confusing maze just a mess… It just wasn’t fun.”

I think the concept is great. How many times have I wanted to enter the world of my favorite movie or book? Virtual worlds like Decentraland give us a chance to do that. The “Metaverse Mission”, as The Gray Man activation is called, was supposed to give fans of the movie or Gosling that opportunity.

The purpose is two-fold: promote its new action movie “The Gray Man,” featuring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and explore new interactive ways that a brand can connect with fans virtually.


Unfortunately, it didn’t give us that chance. It is important to try activations now and understand metaverse audiences. However, that doesn’t mean you can release a sub-par game. According to Blockworks, “The fastest time logged at the time of the demo was thirteen seconds.”

It took me longer than that just to get to The Gray Man.

That’s one of the problems I run into at Decentraland. The Gray Man at least had a billboard from the main entry point. But I wasn’t able to click it. For JP Morgan Chase’s lounge, I had to look up multiple articles before I could find its Decentraland coordinates.

Did you visit The Gray Man in Decentraland? Were you able to beat the game?

Let me know in the comments!

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