My Virtual Fall Lookbook

I read a Tweet the other day from an account saying they missed blogging for fun. I feel that. So much of my writing lately has been for work and clients. I feel burned out when it comes to my own blog.

However, I think it’s important to write from all kinds of angles. Writing takes practice but there are so many angles to the metaverse. We can have fun and learn something on Lilyotron, right?

In honor of the change in season, I decided to update my Ready Player Me’s outfit. This one is courtesy of Parallel Tommy Hilfiger.

I’m from Michigan. The classic Fall look is a hoodie and shorts.

Feeling spooky

How to get a free digital Tommy Hilfiger outfit

Choose your model

Pick your outfit

Add a physical outfit to match

Claim your virtual outfit

Tommy Hilfiger will email you a link to your virtual outfit that you can link to your Ready Player Me account. You can dress your avatar and be ready for Fall.

Did you get your outfit? Share your Fall style in the comments.

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