Weekly Wrap Up

Are you excited for Halloween? Even though I’m an adult, I love this time of year. Donuts, apple cider, orange leaves and cool breezes. Plus, candy and parties with friends. I hope you have a happy Halloween!

What am I reading?

While not to do with technology, I’m reading The Facemaker by Lindsey Fitzharris. It’s a fascinating telling of the surgeons who re-made men’s faces during WWI. Did you know Marie Curie made the first mobile X-ray ambulance and would drive it to the battlefields?

What I’m up to

This week I went to Silicon Valley for The Economist Metaverse Summit. I met all my favorite emerging technologies people including Joanna Popper, Tom Emrich, Kavya Pearlman, and the creator of the word metaverse, Neal Stephenson!

I tried on this pair of Gucci shoes. Yes. Gucci has an app.

I ran a Halloween Fun Run 5K this weekend. It’s the first race I ran in years. And I jogged the whole thing! Would you run for a commemorative T-shirt?

Blog Posts

What’s next

I’m continuing to low-key work on Not Another Metaverse Book. I found a local writing group. It feels so good to surround myself with other writers – they’re so good too! Sometimes I feel like I’m too niched off in my metaverse bubble.


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