Meta enables URL to Open in Virtual Reality

Meta released a way to open links in virtual reality (well, Meta’s virtual reality).

Opening links directly in virtual reality (VR) can provide a more immersive and seamless experience for you. Instead of switching between different devices or applications, you can access and interact with web content directly within VR.

By opening links directly in VR, you can also take advantage of the unique features and capabilities of VR. For example, you can use a VR headset and controllers to navigate and interact with web content in a more intuitive and natural way.

Instead of having to copy and paste URLs or switch between devices, you can click on a link to open the content directly in VR.

Overall, opening links directly in VR can provide a more convenient and immersive experience and can help to unlock the full potential of VR. (the section in italics was written by OpenAI)

Here’s what the code looks like. It has to be an HTTPS URL.

<a herf=">Mozilla Hubs Room</a>

Try it for yourself. Click the different links below to check out how it works.

A website

Open a link to my Web3 Gift Guide in your VR browser.

A 3D Object

Load a 3D horse from Sketchfab in VR.

A VR Experience

This opens a Mozilla Hubs room in VR.

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