2023: My Field of Dreams

What’s your dream job?

Daniel D. posted on LinkedIn, “maybe 2023 is the year to write a short term ‘war time’ mission statement. He was commenting on Nike’s manifesto published in 1980. With all the tech layoffs and uncertain times, I’m lucky to have a job in emerging technology. I recently facilitated a workshop focus on the metaverse and it was amazing. What’s my dream job? Doing this. Teaching people about technology and how they can use it to improve their business. I did it with manufacturing execution systems and now I’m doing it with the metaverse.

But still, if the economy is going sideways and companies are getting lean, maybe I should have war call for myself.

Nike’s said, “We’re on offense all the time. This is as much about battle as about business.”

Nike’s 1980 Manifesto

I’m in a different phase of life. That’s OK.

My 10 Simple Rules for a Good Year

  1. Have fun
  2. Don’t take it personally
  3. Teach and educate
  4. Learn what you don’t know you need to know
  5. Listen
  6. Try it yourself
  7. Don’t make your job title a limiting factor
  8. Connect and network with others – be social!
  9. Write, write, write
  10. Did I say, have fun?

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