How I created digital content with AI

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. How to use it is something else.

What if there was a webinar to show you how?

Brandon Kaplan and Cathy Hackl (who I work with at Journey) presented a webinar on Generative AI. As part of the webinar, they talked about how to use multiple generative AI to enhance your digital content.

I decided to put it to the test.

How to make a digital content journey with AI

Step 1. Pick a long form article

I chose this post about running a conference room pilot.

Step 2. Ask ChatGPT to create a summary of the article

I asked ChatGPT to create a short summary (200 characters) of the article in a “news anchor” style. I then asked ChatGPT to convert the summary into Spanish.

Step 3. Enter the Summary into a generative AI video tool

I used Synthesia. You can get a free generatve AI video in 200 characters. I created a video in English and Spanish.

Step 4. Create clips from the videos

Since I used the free version of Synthesia, the videos are already short. But if you have a longer video, you can create clips.

Step 5. Distribute the content

Share it to all the socials! Let’s see the kind of response we get. Don’t forget to add the video to your original post.

The Result

Companies use CRPs to catch missed requirements, include new people in the process, and perform preliminary testing. To make these pilots even more enjoyable, companies are encouraged to use “real-life” data, ask fun prompting questions, and understand the attendees’ needs. Showcasing work in a CRP can help engage end-users or outside team members and identify any trouble areas that can be fixed. So, whether it’s software or hardware, CRPs are the fun way to get a new system up and running!

AI for content creation is an exciting and rapidly evolving field. While there are some limitations and challenges associated with AI, such as the potential for bias or lack of creativity, there are also benefits, such as saving time and increasing productivity.

Ultimately, the key to success in using AI for content creation is to understand its potential and limitations, and to use it in conjunction with human creativity and expertise.

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3 responses to “How I created digital content with AI”

  1. Amazing to see your great work on AI 😊

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    1. Thank you Aloya! Are you using AI at work?

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      1. No not yet 😊… Interesting but probably so many things need to learn more 😊

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