What the Bloody Hell is an NFT?

When Dominic Kent, Content Director at Mio, gives you a blog post idea, you write it. My blog triggered a post idea, “Hot topic last night: What the bloody hell is an NFT?” Well Dominic, great question! What is an NFT? I have one. Let me show you. There it is in all its glory. […]

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What My LinkedIn Connections Have To Say About Graduate Degrees

50% of respondents say they have graduate degrees and it was worth it, according to a poll on my LinkedIn profile.

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It’s Here! The Augmented Workforce: How Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and 5G Will Impact Every Dollar You Make On Amazon

Today is the launch day for The Augmented Workforce by Cathy Hackl and John Buzzell. I had the opportunity to work on the book with these two amazing people. Let’s send it to the moon! 🚀
Get your copy on Amazon today.

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What a fictional Michigan family can teach us about robots, humanity, and YouTube videos.

The Mitchell’s vs the Machines is a family centric movie with a positive outlook on human/robot relations.

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Launching a Home-Based Business: Everything You Need to Know

Guest post by Amy Collet, creator of

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Management Books from the Past Decade

I am getting ready for a move which means it’s time to clean out my closet, toss out clothes that no longer bring me joy, and purge my bookshelf. Yes, that task is the hardest of all. How do I let go of books? Books are the best. Seeing them on my shelf makes me […]