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I Deleted WhatsApp Which Officially Makes Me Facebook Free… or does it?

“WhatsApp” with WhatsApp WhatsApp joined Facebook in 2014. It took a long time for Facebook to get any benefit from WhatsApp because the app was encrypted. Facebook couldn’t find a way to get WhatsApp data without breaking the encryption, and user’s trust. It seems like they now found a workaround. The WhatsApp privacy policy says […]

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Happy 20th Anniversary Agile Manifesto

This year we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. Yesterday, February 11, 2021 Scrum Alliance hosted a three hour panel celebrating the Agile Manifesto; its past, present and future. I attended the conversation on LinkedIn. It was awesome to hear from some of the original people who wrote the Agile Manifesto and what […]

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Sneak Peek of Markertown: An Augmented Reality Children’s Book about Kindness.

One things I love about augmented reality is the creativity it inspires in people. One of those people is my friend, Amanda Fox. She is Kickstarting her second AR-enabled kids book. She was nice enough to give me a sneak peek. The book is called Markertown. It’s about a glitter marker who loses her cap. […]


Lilyotron Featured on

Lilyotron is a blog that started back in 2017. It’s a great place to find tips and resources on everything from working from home, career advice, and almost all things tech. .blog Featured Site: — Knock Knock WHOIS There

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To Build in Public or Not To Build in Public?

I don’t know about you, but I live in a world where people advertise the benefits of “building in public”. At least some of the no coders I follow announce their latest ideas and post their work as they go. KP on Twitter says, “building in public is a double win. ‘Building’ turns you into […]


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