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Day 2 with a HTC Vive: Getting Work Done

I woke up today feeling like it was Christmas morning. There was a HTC Vive in the guest room! Hopefully, Everest VR had completed downloading. It was one of the promo games that came with the Vive. I downloaded Richie’s Plank Experience the previous night too but hadn’t had a chance to play it yet. I was also excited […]

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Read this before setting up your HTC Vive

Today I unpacked and set up an HTC Vive for the first time. It arrived in a huge Amazon box. The box was so big partly because it came with tripods for the lightboxes too. It was mostly filled with packing paper. I dove in and started pulling out the headset, controllers, and cords. However, […]

Public Speaking

Speaking Tips and Tricks from Pros and Beginners

It’s always great to hear what other people use as tips and tricks for public speaking. For many, public speaking is scary. One of the main reasons public speaking is so intimidating is that people think they should be an expert in their field to talk about it. However, this isn’t the case (just look […]

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4 Steps to Create an Innovative Company

Innovation seems to be the keyword for 2017. Everyone wants to be a disruptor. Not everyone knows what this means or how to do it. Innovating isn’t easy. It takes a creative mind, the freedom to use it, and the resources to implement it. Innovation isn’t something you can buy. It’s a completely custom solution. […]


Indispensable Insights from IIEX Europe

I went to Amsterdam not sure what to expect of IIEX Europe. I knew the conference was about marketing innovation but what exactly did that mean? Mostly, I was excited to go since I was giving a talk as part of their New Speaker Series. This was not your college marketing seminar. This was a […]

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How Virtual Reality Gives Business People Super Powers

Ever wonder how virtual reality applies to the business world? Have you thought about how to implement this technology in your everyday work? Click below the presentation I gave about the benefits of virtual reality at IIEX Europe 2017. Summary: Virtual reality is the technology to bring online conferencing into the 21st century. Traditional […]