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7 AR/VR Startups You Can’t Miss at Cincinnati Startup Week

These startups are revolutionizing what it means to be “virtual” by breaking the mold for companies to take advantage of immersive technology.

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International Telecoms Week 2017 in Review

I wonder how many blog posts are written at airport bars, waiting out delayed flights. I’m flying home tonight after spending the week in Chicago for International Telecoms Week (ITW). I went out to demo rumii at Kinetik’s booth. Knetik is building out the backend for the rumii website. A couple folks from Cima Group […]

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5 Steps to a Successful Conference Room Pilot

Conference Room Pilots (CRPs) are a great way to give end users hands-on time with a system or new software before it is fully developed. CRPs are often used in information system implementations, such as Manufacturing Execution Systems because it gives users an idea of how the new software will work. This provides many benefits such as […]