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What Meeting the Second Lady Made Me Feel About Being a Military Spouse

I had the honor of meeting the Second Lady Karen Pence. It was a surreal day because the gathering took place in Hangar 3, the same hangar where just a few months earlier, I greeted my husband home from a deployment in Iraq. I boarded the same type of white school bus at the PX […]

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Yoga for Writers

Blogtober Day 13 Bonus: Lily shares a yoga video for writers to loose during Blogtober and NaNoWriMo.

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Motherhood, Work-Life Balance, and Success

I started this post as a reflection of what I’ve been up too since I left Doghead Simulations last summer. But I think it needs to be about something else. The other day, I participated in the Women in Tech Twitter Chat. It was all about success. The chat consisted of questions like, Do you […]

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If Social Media Didn’t Exist

#IfSocialMediaDidn’tExist trended a while ago on Twitter. I jumped on that hashtag, eager to see people bashing social media (ironically on social media). If social media didn’t exist we would be less depressed, have less anxiety because it would be harder to FOMO. Kids wouldn’t have to ask their parents to get off their phones […]

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Once Upon a Time in Michigan

I’m back after spending the week of Labor Day in Michigan. It’s both my mom and brother’s birthdays over that holiday week. When my brother and I were little, mom would take us down to Ohio to spend their birthdays with our aunt (mom’s sister). We would go to this restaurant that had a train […]

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Self-improvement doesn’t mean crying into self-help books

Does your friend every do something professionally you’re so proud of you just have to share it? My friend, Kaila, went live on LinkedIn in an interview to talk about her career, how it grew, and where she’s going next. The LinkedIn live was hosted by Jaime Cohen, a communications coach and personal branding consultant. […]