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How to Prepare for the Educators in VR Summit

What is the Educators in VR Summit? Educators in VR is “an open, global, cross-platform community of educators, researchers, and trainers exploring and collaborating with and in virtual and augmented reality.” This year, Educators in VR is putting on a summit to further expand their mission of being the “connective tissue between academia and businesses […]

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My First Trip to a VR Arcade

This husband surprised me with a date night visit to a virtual reality arcade. We visited the Rabbit Hole VR in Nashville. I was excited to visit a VR arcade even though I have a virtual reality headset at home because of the promise of more room to move around and the chance to play […]

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Everything You Want To Know About The IowaReporterApp

“You should write a blog post about the Iowa Caucus app.” My mom told me over the phone. She didn’t understand what went wrong with the app and if the Iowa Democratic Party had a backup count on paper, why we didn’t have the results yet. I won’t try to guess why we don’t have […]

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Does the VR Industry Need a Retrospective?

“You should take the approach that you’re wrong. Your goal is to be less wrong.” Elon Musk Retrospectives are an activity in Agile where the Scrum Team evaluates the past Sprint to see how they can improve for the next one. The Scrum Master typically asks the team: What went well? What did not go […]


The 11 Worst Things about Virtual Reality According to Twitter

When Chelsea Klukas asked her Twitter followers, “what is the *worst* thing about virtual reality?” I couldn’t help but read through all the comments. What started out as a love/hate read about VR turned into an interesting look into the minds of people from all backgrounds about the technology. Was it the lack of content? […]

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I Commented on a Twitter Thread about the Worst Thing about VR. Here's what happened.

I don’t normally join in commenting on Twitter threads but this one caught my eye. Chelsea Klukas, a product design manager at Oculus, asked her followers what they thought is the worst thing about VR. I scrolled through the comments on her post, enjoying what people had to say. Even though I write a lot […]