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Baby Yoda AR via Google


Spotify: Listening is Everything

I logged into Spotify today to see my 2020 Wrapped. The page started with Spotify and the words “Listening is everything”. That made me think, yes, listening is everything! Every day we’re moving in the direction of a more connected, augmented world. We transform our photos with face filters and photo lenses. Augmented reality is […]

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Surprise! Bose Frames: Audio AR in Style

My husband surprised me with a new gadget. A pair of Bose Frames – Bose sunglasses with built in audio in the temples. Bose augmented reality sunglasses talk to you, play music from your phone, and can handle phone calls all as if you had headphones in your ears. I’ve been wanting a pair of […]

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Is 2020 The Year for Virtual Reality?

Every year since 2016 has been the year for VR. 2020 may be different as the pandemic pushes people to be physically distance, VR can bring them together.

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The Future of Tomorrow Tech

Virtual reality is like Senator Palpatine. One minute he’s alive and kicking. The next he’s dead. Then what do you know, he’s alive again. Every year articles come out claiming that “VR is dead”. Meanwhile, developers and creators show off their latest virtual and augmented creations, share their hidden knowledge to unlocking a development step, […]