Blogtober Travel

TBR at the Southern Festival of Books

Blogtober Day 12. Lily shows off her books from the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, TN.

Blogtober My Story Women in Tech

A Look Back at Balancing Work and Motherhood

Blogtober Day 11: Lily reminisces on Cincinnati Startup Week’s VR Day in 2018.

Blogtober Technology

Digital Transformation and Manufacturing – more than the Internet of Things

Blogtober day 10: Lily shares a video about how manufacturing companies struggle with digital transformation and how they can overcome it.


Happy World Post Day!

Today is World Post Day. I learned that reading Tea and Cake for the Soul’s blog. I send letters quite a bit. My friend from college, Kaila, and I started writing each other letters after we graduated. We’ve kept it up about 10 years now! That’s pretty amazing. According to the UN, World Post Day […]

Blogtober Culture Technology

Social Media, Kids, and Human Trafficking

Blogtober Day 8: Lily discusses the Dangers of Social Media according to the latest cyber security professionals.

Blogtober Virtual Reality

The Problem with Virtual Reality

Blogtober Day 7: I wrote this post a while ago when I still worked at Doghead Simulations. I think it’s still valid.