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Virtual Reality Book Club

I love starting the year with a fresh list of books to read. I like reading fiction but as I’ve gotten older I find myself gravitating to non-fiction. I like reading about people, events, and books evaluating history to see how we ended up where we are today. Some of my favorites are Bruce Lee: […]

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What is Virtual Reality? A Book with All the Answers

I am excited to announce that “What is Virtual Reality?: Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the VR Industry” launched today. What is Virtual Reality? includes an interview with yours truly. I had fun working with Yoni to help make this book happen. I think it’s important to have a book […]

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How to Lean In at Work

I picked up Lean In hoping to find a female role model, a woman who would inspire me to reach for the next levels in my career, someone whose wisdom I could pass on to other young women. Instead, I found myself berated for not being an All-Star Go-Getter. Sandberg made me feel like it […]