1st Quarter Refresh

Introducing the 1st Quarter Refresh

We’re well into January but we’re still at the start of the beginning of the new year. I wanted to switch things up this year by starting with a challenge to set this year up for professional success. I created the 1st Quarter Refresh, a daily challenge for 15 days to set your intentions, mindset, […]

Blogtober Women in Tech

Hey Moms! Use it or lose it.

Blogtober day 22: When moms feel pressure to return the traditional workforce.

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Motherhood, Work-Life Balance, and Success

I started this post as a reflection of what I’ve been up too since I left Doghead Simulations last summer. But I think it needs to be about something else. The other day, I participated in the Women in Tech Twitter Chat. It was all about success. The chat consisted of questions like, Do you […]

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Self-improvement doesn’t mean crying into self-help books

Does your friend every do something professionally you’re so proud of you just have to share it? My friend, Kaila, went live on LinkedIn in an interview to talk about her career, how it grew, and where she’s going next. The LinkedIn live was hosted by Jaime Cohen, a communications coach and personal branding consultant. […]

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My Life as a Military Spouse in STEM

It’s not something I’ve talked about too often on the blog but I am a military spouse. From the early days of Lilyotron, while I posted from the abroad or wrote about my virtual reality startup, my husband donned his uniform and headed to post to report for the day’s duties. I am grateful for […]

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Leadership Lessons from Genghis Khan

Have you ever been asked who your hero is? For me, it’s Genghis Khan. Sounds crazy, I know. But hear me out. Most of what we know in the West about Genghis Khan is that he was a brutal warlord. He and the Mongols were a bloodthirsty horde. His conquests were the start of the largest empire […]