Personal Development

Writing Challenge: Write 150 letters in 30 Days

Writing is important because no matter what job you’re in, you most likey have to write. Writing succent, clear messages is an important skill to have.


Life is a Journey

I have always been up for a life of adventure. I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. Whether it’s hiking through Arizona, jet-setting off to South Korea, or horseback riding through the Costa Rican country side, I am game. I have even applied this way of thinking to my career. In college, […]

Women in Tech

How to Jump-start Your Career as a Woman in Tech

The first thing you can do as a woman in tech is Lean In. Lean In has become a phrase for many women in the workforce. The phrase, intended for women, means to take a seat at the table, voice your opinion and get things done. I picked up Lean In hoping to find a female role model, […]