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Bad Blood – So bad, so good

“Everywhere you look with this young lady, there’s a purity of motivation. I mean she really is trying to make the world better, and this is her way of doing it.” George Shultz, Theranos board member (Carreyrou 2017) Lilyotron is a participant in Amazon’s affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to […]

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Business Reads from Chicago’s Top Business Schools

I just came back from an awesome weekend in Chicago. I hung out with my best friend, Kaila, and attended two days of FABTECH. There is lots to write about and share. First I wanted to make this quick post about this new reading material Kaila shared with me. Broad Shoulders A woman’s professional group […]

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Should I get a Business Certificate?

Every year at the end of December, before I go on vacation, I think about what I want to accomplish professionally in the following year.


Celebrating Entrepreneur’s Day with my Dad

Advice from a seasoned entrepreneur on what it takes to be one.

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How I Balance Work and Motherhood

How the idea of work changed after I became a mom. Is it possible to do both?


3 Easy ways Businesses can use Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These two words invoke images of expensive hardware, fancy cameras, and tracking sensors. You may imagine developers sitting in dark rooms coding away, wearing virtual goggles, lost in their digital worlds. These images make using immersive technology seem out of grasp for the average marketing department or business […]