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The Battle for the Metaverse in 2020

Wow, this year did not start off with the BANG that I thought. I woke up New Years Day with a terrible headache that turned out to be a sinus infection. I now, finally feel like myself again. In that time I saw a slew of 2019 VR/AR recaps and 2020 tech predictions and analysis […]

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5 More Books for You to Enjoy this Winter

Lilyotron is a participant in Amazon’s affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Bill Gates recently published his list of five books to enjoy this winter. It inspired me. I actually read one of the books on his list, which never happens. […]

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3 Terms Every Social Media User Needs To Know

Blogtober day 15: Let’s get educated on how we can take back the net through personal, behavioral changes.

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Social Media, Kids, and Human Trafficking

Blogtober Day 8: Lily discusses the Dangers of Social Media according to the latest cyber security professionals.

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The Problem with Virtual Reality

Blogtober Day 7: I wrote this post a while ago when I still worked at Doghead Simulations. I think it’s still valid.

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Monetization Tactics for Facebook Horizon

Oh man, what an exciting week this was. Lots of talk from OC6 about Facebook Horizon. Who will use Facebook Horizon? How long until they start running ads on the platform? What kinds of monetization strategies will they use? What will Facebook do with our data? First. Let’s do a recap of marketing in VR […]