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The Problem with Virtual Reality

Blogtober Day 7: I wrote this post a while ago when I still worked at Doghead Simulations. I think it’s still valid.

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Monetization Tactics for Facebook Horizon

Oh man, what an exciting week this was. Lots of talk from OC6 about Facebook Horizon. Who will use Facebook Horizon? How long until they start running ads on the platform? What kinds of monetization strategies will they use? What will Facebook do with our data? First. Let’s do a recap of marketing in VR […]

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What’s on the Horizon? Facebook Horizon.

The drama over Facebook Horizon continues. Horizon is Facebook’s newly announced social VR world. You can theoretically build your own stuff within the world, play games, paint, explore endlessly, and make friends with strangers on the internet. The question is, why is Facebook’s social VR platform drumming up so much commotion when there are others […]

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The Future is Private. Not.

At F8 2019, Facebook declared that the future is private. They also released the Oculus Quest. The Quest is a new VR headset that runs without cables, light boxes, or a computer. It’s an all-in-one virtual reality device. The Quest let’s you walk around your house without leaving VR. Its cameras map your space and […]

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The Future of Social VR: Facebook Horizon

Oculus Connect 6 came with some big announcements including hand tracking and Facebook Horizons. I was an early adoptor of Facebook Spaces. I even figured out how to rig my HTC Vive to use it. It was fun to be in an environment that didn’t expect anything of me. I could take selfies or call […]

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If Social Media Didn’t Exist

#IfSocialMediaDidn’tExist trended a while ago on Twitter. I jumped on that hashtag, eager to see people bashing social media (ironically on social media). If social media didn’t exist we would be less depressed, have less anxiety because it would be harder to FOMO. Kids wouldn’t have to ask their parents to get off their phones […]