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6 Resiliency Tactics for Women in Tech

Are you feeling burned out at work? Starting to think tech isn’t the place for you? Try these resiliency tactics to give yourself a fresh start.


What National STEM Day means to me

November 8th is #NationalSTEMDay. Read on the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our lives.

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Is Goal-Setting Good for your health? Try this instead

When we focus too much on our long-term goals and think too far out it deters what we can do today and from what we are experiencing at the moment.

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How I Balance Work and Motherhood

How the idea of work changed after I became a mom. Is it possible to do both?

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7 AR/VR Startups You Can’t Miss at Cincinnati Startup Week

These startups are revolutionizing what it means to be “virtual” by breaking the mold for companies to take advantage of immersive technology.