Virtual Reality

Day 5: Why Virtual Reality is Here to Stay

I didn’t do nearly as much as I wanted to with the HTC Vive this week. Although, I did finally manage to take some screenshots from Google Earth VR. Turns out some programs disable the option to take screenshots which is why I was having so much trouble with it! I didn’t get a chance […]

Women in Tech

Is “Women In Tech” Still Relevant?

I recently read this post about the lack of female representation in virtual reality. A few of the points from the post stuck out to me. “Women often take supporting roles within [start-ups].” “VR offers us a fresh start. As a society, we don’t need to bring the baggage of the past with us…” (not […]


Digital Transformation, just another Fad?

The term “Digital Transformation” creates an imagery of seamless processes and endlessly connected devices. Data transfers without hesitation between machines and business is booming. Digital Transformation is no daydream. Digital Transformation is the changes to society affected and pushed by digital technology. It is the mash-up of cloud services, Big Data, mobility, and social media […]