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Farewell to My Startup: Doghead Simulations

It’s time for a confession. I no longer work at Doghead Simulations. I left the company I helped found back in May but officially ended my ties this week. I read once that a good founder knows when it’s time to move on. They know when they’ve achieved what they set out to do. Hopefully, […]

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Leadership Lessons from Genghis Khan

Have you ever been asked who your hero is? For me, it’s Genghis Khan. Sounds crazy, I know. But hear me out. Most of what we know in the West about Genghis Khan is that he was a brutal warlord. He and the Mongols were a bloodthirsty horde. His conquests were the start of the largest empire […]

Public Speaking

Speaking Tips and Tricks from Pros and Beginners

It’s always great to hear what other people use as tips and tricks for public speaking. For many, public speaking is scary. One of the main reasons public speaking is so intimidating is that people think they should be an expert in their field to talk about it. However, this isn’t the case (just look […]


Life is a Journey

I have always been up for a life of adventure. I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. Whether it’s hiking through Arizona, jet-setting off to South Korea, or horseback riding through the Costa Rican country side, I am game. I have even applied this way of thinking to my career. In college, […]


Why We Should Recognize Project Failures

I recently heard on NPR that scientists are starting to publish their studies that failed to replicate. This is unexpected, as scientists usually only share their successfully replicated studies.  In the scientific method, a study is verified when it can be replicated by another research team. So, it was surprising when they found that “two-thirds […]

Remote Work

Harness the Virtual Team’s Full Potential

We talk a lot about how to successfully work virtually and have remote project teams. There are lots of blog posts and articles touting the benefit of working remotely. We have more online tools than ever that can help us get the job done but simply having cool, online chat rooms and daily remote stand-ups doesn’t guarantee […]