National Manufacturing Day

Blogtober 2020 Day 2: It’s National Manufacturing Day! Celebrate “Made in the USA” and the importance of American manufacturing.


Manufacturing Technology Trends for 2020

At FABTECH 2019 I attended a panel about emerging tech trends in manufacturing. Panelists included Mike Walton, Jason T. Ray, and Chandra Brown. This is what they had to say. For small manufacturers, the future is digital In 2020 the speed of change will be the common denominator. You can’t be a fast follower in […]

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How Manufacturers Use Augmented Reality on the Shop Floor

Emerging and Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing in 2020 The FABTECH Expo is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. It was a pretty cool expo. There were large machines that demonstrated how they cut different material. I attended the panel, Leadership Exchange – Emerging & Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing in 2020. On […]

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Digital Transformation and Manufacturing – more than the Internet of Things

Blogtober day 10: Lily shares a video about how manufacturing companies struggle with digital transformation and how they can overcome it.

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The Digital Thread and MES

Smart Manufacturing, factory of the future, the Digital Thread, these are all terms being thrown around in the world of IT and manufacturing. But what does it take to get there? Since the 1980s technology has slowly been making its way to the manufacturing floor with MES. Now it is all about digital, open communication, […]

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VR, IoT, and Manufacturing

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and the general suite of XR technologies are empowered by the internet of things. Artificial intilligence, connected devices, and big data add another layer of value to VR and AR. With the help of IOT, VR and AR can improve business processes. VR/AR and IoT make a lot of sense in […]