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Here is How I Plan to Use LinkedIn in 2020

In November I started kicking up my LinkedIn participation. LinkedIn was never my top social media site but as time has gone on (and since I deleted Facebook), LinkedIn has grown on me. I think it’s important to stay connected and visible. Where I’m at in my goals and life, LinkedIn is the best place […]

Blogtober Virtual Reality

The Marketing Department has taken over Virtual Reality

Blogtober day 17: Lily writes an essay arguing the killer app for immersive technology is advertising.

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Here’s How Charles Dickens Wrote About The History Of The Future

The History of the Future is a modern telling of a Tale of Two Cities. Such a fascinating piece/comparison, Lily! — blake j. harris (@blakejharrisNYC) June 14, 2019 Jump to a Section Best of Times, Worst of Times What’s does this have to do with The History of the Future? The Characters Sacrifice for a […]