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The Future of Social VR: Facebook Horizon

Oculus Connect 6 came with some big announcements including hand tracking and Facebook Horizons. I was an early adoptor of Facebook Spaces. I even figured out how to rig my HTC Vive to use it. It was fun to be in an environment that didn’t expect anything of me. I could take selfies or call […]

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Here’s How Charles Dickens Wrote About The History Of The Future

The History of the Future is a modern telling of a Tale of Two Cities. Such a fascinating piece/comparison, Lily! — blake j. harris (@blakejharrisNYC) June 14, 2019 Jump to a Section Best of Times, Worst of Times What’s does this have to do with The History of the Future? The Characters Sacrifice for a […]


The Future of ‘The History of the Future’

Another month has gone by which means VR Book Club is back! This month we’re reading The History of the Future by Blake J. Harris. I’m excited for this one. My mom got me The History of the Future a couple months ago. I actually just finished it today and wow. Just wow. It was […]