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What I Learned from Giving 6 Toastmaster Talks in 2 Months

I’ve always enjoyed public speaking. I thought I was a natural at it. One of my first public speaking moments was during 4H when I was a 4H ambassador.


The Art and Science of Information Technology

Everyone knows that technology is important in business. Technology gives many companies their competitive edge, drives costs down, and enables exceptional customer service. When working in the information technology field, it is sometimes easy to forget that what we do is for the greater good of the business. Sometimes, we may find ourselves keeping the […]

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How to Speak with Authority

I originally wrote this post in 2015 titled Just don’t say Just. I still hear women discuss what words they should use and how the word “just” in particularly negatively impacts them at work. In the Harvard Business Review Women at Work podcast, Amy Bernstein and Sarah Green Carmichael discuss how to use an authoritative voice without […]